Zolfo Cooper provides a full range of restructuring, insolvency, forensic accounting and litigation support services. Our core services of Corporate Recovery and Financial Advisory services are complemented by our recognised expertise in Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support.

Corporate Recovery

Zolfo Cooper’s professionals are experienced in providing restructuring and asset recovery services, often involving liquidation and other formal appointments, in complex, cross-border situations.


With a global network of skilled professionals to augment our experienced local staff, Zolfo Cooper is able to offer clients seamless solutions to unlock value in any situation.


Our insolvency teams conduct proactive liquidations to ensure the prompt realisation of assets and subsequent distribution to creditors. Our restructuring experts are able to provide rapid assistance to companies in distress; identify the nature and severity of the problem; develop solutions, often in conjunction with other professional advisors, and assist with the implementation of those solutions.

Financial Advisory

With an enviable reputation in advising stakeholders in troubled situations, Zolfo Cooper provides management, secured and unsecured creditors with an informed reality check on the core issues surrounding corporate viability and the recovery of value, driven by analysis and experience.


Our hands on expertise across the full spectrum of the financial sector and many other industries, combined with an understanding of how to overcome the divergent interests of economic stakeholders, ensures clients obtain realistic advice about how to deal with complex and often contentious issues.

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

By combining financial insight and experience with investigative techniques, Zolfo Cooper is able to uncover and unravel the facts surrounding allegations of fraud or misstatements.


Our partners are frequently appointed in cases involving complex and large, multi–jurisdictional disputes.


Our team includes experienced forensic accountants and computer forensics experts as well as investigators skilled in tracing assets and assisting with their recovery.